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Walden Ladies Golf Association Rev. 10/13/2015 BY-LAWS ARTICLE I: NAME The name of the organization shall be the Walden Ladies Golf Association (hereinafter referred to as WLGA). ARTICLE II: PURPOSE The purpose of the WLGA shall be to promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among the members, and to encourage active participation in golfing events conducted in accordance with the rules of the United States Golf Association, except as modified by the local rules of the course. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Section 1. The members of the WLGA shall consist of ladies who are members of the Walden Golf and Country Club; are at least 19 years of age; and are not on a high school or college golf team. Section 2. Membership dues shall be set by the Executive Committee, payable in advance. Section 3. Any member with dues paid to date shall be in good standing; shall be entitled to vote at all meetings of the WLGA; may be elected or appointed to an office or committee; and may participate in all events conducted under its auspices upon compliance with the regulations under which they may be held. ARTICLE IV: OFFICERS Section 1. The officers of the WLGA shall consist of President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Playday Chairwoman. They shall be elected at the October meeting of the WLGA, taking office the 1st of January for a term of one year. Section 2. Duties of Officers. a. The President shall preside at all meetings of the WLGA and of the Executive Committee; shall have general supervision of the affairs of the WLGA; shall appoint the chairwomen of such standing committees as are necessary to conduct the affairs of the WLGA; shall fill any vacancy occurring on the Executive Committee with the majority approval of the Executive Committee; and shall serve as a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee and serve as liaison to the Walden Ladies Golf Association Nine Holers. b. The 1st Vice-President, in the absence of the President, shall preside over the meetings of the WLGA. She shall serve as Membership Chairwoman and shall be responsible for compiling and printing the WLGA Yearbook, the cost of which is to be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. c. The 2nd Vice-President, in the absence of the President and 1st Vice President, shall preside at meetings of WLGA. She shall be the Special Tournament Chairwoman and may appoint an assistant, who would take the responsibility of 2nd Vice-President in her absence. She shall be in charge of all tournaments, excluding the Spirit of America Invitational Tournament, conducted by WLGA, shall keep all records of the same, and shall address questions regarding rules and handicap. She shall ensure that all tournament plaques and trophies are current including the Championship and Presidents’ plaques. d. The Secretary shall keep the records of the meetings of the WLGA and of the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall perform any necessary correspondence. e. The Treasurer shall collect and keep all monies of the WLGA and disburse them as directed by the Executive WLGA. She shall keep the accounts in books belonging to the WLGA which shall be, at all times, open to inspection by the Executive Committee to whom monthly reports in writing shall be made of all monies received, paid out, and the balance on hand. She shall make a report of the financial condition of the WLGA at each meeting. She shall submit a yearly budget to be approved by the Executive Committee. f. The Playday Chairwoman and an assistant, if needed, shall be in charge of all Wednesday and Saturday Playdays for WLGA member participation, and shall keep all records of same. ARTICLE V: COMMITTEES Section 1. The committees of the WLGA shall include Social, Bluebonnet Interclub, North Woods Interclub, Handicap, Photographer,Yearbook, the annual Spirit of America Invitational, Webmaster, Texas Golf Association (TGA), Newsletter and Ladies Challenge Cup (LCC). Section 2. Chairpersons of standing committees or special committees shall select their own committee members as needed. They shall present plans of work to the Executive Committee for its approval, and shall keep records of their committee’s work to be passed on to their successors. ARTICLE VI: MEETINGS Section 1. The business meetings of the WLGA shall be held following Saturday playdays, or as specified by the President. Section 2. The place of the meetings shall be in the clubhouse of the Walden Golf and Country Club, or as specified by the President. Section 3. The order of business shall be: reading of the minutes of the previous meeting; report of the Treasurer; reports of Committees; unfinished business; new business; and adjournment. Section 4. Special meetings may be called any time by order of the President or any three members of the Executive Committee or by the 1st Vice-President in the absence of the President. The Secretary shall give notice of special meetings at least two days before the date of the meeting. Section 5. A quorum to conduct business at any monthly or special meeting shall be twenty percent (20%) of the voting membership. ARTICLE VII: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Section 1. There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the officers of the WLGA, and the Past President. Section 2. The Executive Committee shall hold a regular meeting prior to the WLGA’s general meeting. Section 3. The absence of any member of the Executive Committee for two consecutive meetings, unless previously excused by the President or unless satisfactorily explained to the Executive Committee at the next regular meeting, shall be deemed a resignation from the Executive Committee. Section 4. The Executive Committee shall have the power to (a) make and amend rules for the conduct of golf tournaments and social affairs which the WLGA may decide to sponsor and (b) expend the funds of the WLGA in carrying out its objectives and purposes. Section 5. The Executive Committee may utilize e-mail in the conduct of its business. ARTICLE VIII: ELECTION Section 1. There shall be a Nominating Committee of five (5) elected by ballot at the August meeting. There shall be at least eight (8) nominations made from the floor, and the five (5) receiving the highest number of votes shall serve. The person receiving the most votes shall serve as Chairwoman. Section 2. The Nominating Committee shall present a name for each elective office at the September meeting. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at this time and added to the ballot. The Secretary shall post names nominated by the Committee and nominations from the floor on the bulletin board for all members to review. Section 3. The WLGA shall hold its election each year in October. Voting shall be done by written ballot mailed to each member directly after the September meeting. The completed ballots shall be returned to the Secretary via mail or deposited in the WLGA box in the Pro Shop and must be received before the October meeting when the Secretary will report the results.) Alternately, at the discretion of the Board, the vote may be taken electronically with the Secretary e-mailing a ballot to each member. Members would vote via return e-mail. Section 4. Should there be an uncontested slate of officers at the September meeting, the slate shall be accepted by acclamation as presented. ARTICLE IX: PLAYDAYS Section 1. The WLGA shall have a calendar year from January through December with regular playdays on Wednesdays and Saturdays as posted on the WLGA calendar. Section 2. There must be a minimum of six (6) members teeing off in accordance with regularly scheduled play to constitute a playday. Section 3. To compete in a playday, all players must be paired at the clubhouse prior to play. ARTICLE X: AMENDMENTS These by-laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, a quorum being present, and the proposed change having been read at a previous meeting or emailed to members 14 days in advance .
STANDING RULES 1.  Golfers participating in any WLGA sponsored event must have an established Walden handicap to compete.   If a player's handicap is questionable, the handicap committee will review it and make adjustments  accordingly.  2.  Each golfer shall turn in all scores.  3.  A Walden Golf Club member may join both WLGA and WLGA-9.  Membership dues must be paid for both  organizations.  A WLGA-9 player may choose to play and compete in WLGA playdays and events with a  maximum handicap of 40 for 18 holes.   WLGA players must compete with a maximum of 40 handicap.  (January 11, 2014 Exec. Bd.)  4.  Members will play in the flight determined by the tournament chairwoman.  Players must play in assigned  pairings, or otherwise be disqualified.  The tournament chairwoman has the option to change the format  and may flight players according to the number participating.  Playday Chairwoman may tee off on  Wednesdays in the first three groups regardless of her handicap.  5. A player may continue to compete in any team event even though she has picked up.  Putts will be recorded  only on any individual stroke play event.   6.  If conditions warrant, the Tournament Chairwoman shall announce, by a printed sign placed on Golf Shop  counter prior to play, if preferred lies are in effect.  7.  Players may post chip-ins, birdies, eagles, water pars, and sandy pars for year end awards provided score  cards are turned in.    8. A "pick up" disqualifies a player from the game of the day if the hole in question is part of the "game of the  day". A "pick up" by a player does not disqualify that player from a "closest to the pin" that day.   
9.  Guests may not compete on playday, and will play with their hostess.  Guests are not  permitted to play in the  following five tournaments:  Club Championship, Bradley Cup, Past Presidents', Match Play, and  Member-Member.    10.   Any member who breaks 100, 90, 80, etc. for the first time during a WLGA playday or tournament at  Walden shall receive the appropriate break pin.   11.  The annual Walden on Lake Conroe Club Championship is governed by the following:   a.)   Must be a member in good standing of Walden on Lake Conroe Ladies Golf Association prior to the  tournament.  b.)  Must have an established handicap and five scores from Walden Golf course posted or turned over  to the Tournament Chairwoman in the calendar year, and must have participated in (3) three LGA  sponsored during events in the 12 months following the previous Club Championship  Tournament.    c.)   The Club Championship will be a 36 hole gross score tournament.  (Weather and Course Conditions  permitting) (Rev. Exec. Board  2016)  There will be one “Club Champion”, “a Super Senior Champion”  and one gross winner in each flight.  Six  players are required to constitute a flight.  Flights will be determined by the Head Pro and Tournament  Chair with the final decision being made by the Head Pro.  Flights will be determined after everyone has  teed off on Day One.    (Rev. 1/2017 Exec.Bd.)  Day 1—Pairings will be based on current index starting with the lowest index and working up to  the highest in all flights.   · Day 2 - Pairings will be based on the prior day’s   gross score.
The Super Senior Championship will be played within the confines of the Club Championship following  the same guidelines i.e. pairings, ties, etc.   •  Players must be 65 to qualify for the Super SeniorTournament.  •  Player must specify Super Senior eligibility prior to tournament play.  •  Any player 65 or over may win both the Senior and Club Championship  titles.    d.) Awards will be presented at the Awards Luncheon.    e.)  In the case of a tie score for the “Club Champion” or “Super Senior Champion” at the end of 36  holes, a sudden death playoff will be required beginning on hole #1 and ending when the hole has  been won.  Should the tournament be called prior to the completion of 36 holes, a tie score would  be broken in an 18 hole playoff.   f.)  In the case of a tie for gross in each flight, matching the score cards will determine the winner on the  basis of the best score for the last nine holes.  If the tying players have the same score for the last  nine, the winner will be determined on the basis of the last six holes, last three holes and finally  the 18th hole.  12.  Players must sign up to play in Saturday Playday by Thursday, 12 Noon.  Players must sign up to play in  Wednesday Playday by Tuesday, 12 Noon.    13.   In all WLGA sponsored events, there shall be a Local Rule in effect on the number 12 hole.  If you believe  your ball may be in the water hazard behind or beside the green, playing a provisional ball will be  permitted.  If the original ball is not in the hazard you must play the original ball as it lies.  14. Should initial membership to Walden Golf Club become effective after August 1, the WLGA membership  dues will be 50% of annual dues.   
15.  When the entire course is deemed cart path only, the following local rule will be in effect for LGA playdays.   Local Rule:  Lift, clean and place the ball within one club length of its' original location and not nearer the hole  from tee through the green.  (January 11, 2014 Exec. Bd)  16. Participation in the WLGA Hole-in-One Club (HIO) is voluntary.   · Beginning in 2017 Hole-in-One participation is a $10.00 fee for an active WLGA member whose dues  remain paid in the WLGA until the Hole in One prize is won.  · Payout is distributed at the Awards Luncheon and is split among those members making a Hole-in-  One during that year.    ·  At the beginning of the following year, members can join again with a $10.00 participation fee.  ·  New members of the WLGA may join at any time of the year by paying the $10.00 fee.  · The HIO must be made on the Walden course during a WLGA sponsored event.  WLGA Playdays,  tournaments, Walden hosted interclubs, the Spirit Invitational are eligible events. (Rev. Exec. Board  12/2016)   17. The LCC Chairperson shall select an LCC team from WLGA members with current handicaps of 25  or less.  Should a team not be filled with a player with a handicap of 25 or less from the WLGA, the LCC  chairperson shall extend invitation to play to other WLGA members of higher handicaps.  These  players  must play to a 25 handicap.  (January, 2016 Exec.Bd.)   18. LOCAL RULE: “Rules18-2,18-320-1are modified as follows: When a player’s ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment. The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1. This Local Rule applies only when the player’s ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is  accidental. Note: If it is determined that a player’s ball on the putting green was moved as a result of wind, water or some other natural cause such as the effects of gravity, the ball must be played as it lies from its new location. A ball-marker moved in such circumstances is replaced. (Exec. Bd. 1/2017) 19. LOCAL RULE:  Measuring Devices all play at thiscourse, a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during astipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule14- 3."(Exec.Bd. 2016)